The “Stardust” pancake pan with a silicone form for eggs and mini pancakes will greatly facilitate the preparation of everyday meals, desserts and snacks. Frying the perfect pancakes or eggs will become even easier and more enjoyable.

The MPN-25/11/01 frying pan is made of high-quality aluminum, which perfectly conducts heat. As a result, it ensures even frying over the entire surface. It has been covered with a multi-layer non-stick coating, reinforced with mineral particles. So it is durable and resistant to damage even with frequent use. With comfort in mind, it has been equipped with a soft-touch handle that does not heat up and is pleasant to the touch.

The “Stardust” pancake pan MPN-25/11/01 comes with a silicone form for frying eggs and mini pancakes. Resistant to high temperatures, made of materials suitable for contact with food. It will greatly facilitate work in the kitchen, allowing you to easily prepare eggs or mini pancakes with the perfect shape and degree of browning. The form can also be used as a protective pad for the pan.

Suitable for use on all types of cookers, including induction.

Frying pan size: 25 cm

Silicone form size: 23 cm