Which set of kitchen knives should I choose?

A knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. Various sizes and finishes make it easy to prepare meat, vegetables and fish. The right set will significantly facilitate the work and will serve for many years.

A Perfect set

A set of kitchen knives should contain several large and smaller knives. The quality of workmanship and the place to store them are important. The magnetic block that our SNS-3 set is equipped with looks stylish and at the same time is fully functional and very easy to keep clean! The presence of as many as 5 different knives gives great opportunities.

Find out which knife is most worth paying attention to.

The Chef’s knife

It is a universal knife for cutting, chopping or crushing. You can successfully cut vegetables or meat with it.

The Bread knife

The long, narrow blade and serrated blade are great for fresh and stale bread, rolls and croissants.

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